Kerala Association of Colorado (KAOC) is a community driven cultural organization for Malayalees (‘Malayalam’ speaking people or the people from the South Indian state of Kerala) in Colorado, serving for more than 35 years. It acts as a bedrock for all types of arts and cultural activities for Keralites in Colorado.

KAOC provides a forum for it’s members to meet and exchange views and to also foster a spirit of friendship, goodwill and understanding. The primary and distinguishing purpose of a cultural organization like KAOC is to bind the community together by promoting and preserving it’s identity, traditions, and values. By providing public programs through which cultural heritage can be shared, KAOC strives to build bridges between various cultural groups and the larger Indian Community.

KAOC is committed to serving the community, through it’s annual Indian Dance Festival, Onam and Christmas Celebrations. It has been striving to keep the Malayalee culture alive, through cultural as well as community activities.