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On the 20th year of Indian Dance Festival (IDF), Kerala Association of Colorado is delighted to announce yet another celebration of dance,
SANSKRITI - A Reflection Of Indian Culture.
IDF is a premier event which inculcates the rich heritage and culture of India. This cultural treat is enjoyed by the performer as well as the audience with equal fervor.

What "SANSKRITI" entails:
As the name suggests, it is all about the rich and diverse heritage and culture, India rightly boasts of. The dances to adorn the stage should be classical dances, semi-classical dance forms, folk dances (from various regions of the country) and fusion of any of these dance forms. Registrations are closed.

Let’s join hands and celebrate the great artistry and spirit of traditional dance forms from all the regions of India, which had held in her bosom, one of the oldest civilization of the world. The outstanding success and existence of IDF for the past 19 years is a direct result of active participation and support by each one of you.
We are looking forward to your amazing choreography and unique concepts through some of the most graceful and beautiful dances, reflecting the diversity and richness of India!

Do feel free to contact us for any questions or guidance about the theme.
IDF 2019 is to be held on 11th of May,2019 at Cherry Creek high School. .

Guidelines for Registration

Theme : SANSKRITI: A Reflection of Indian Culture through dance forms.
  1. The minimum number of participants for each performance/team should be 3.
  2. All participants MUST be 10 years or older as of March 1st, 2019. Parents of the participants (less than 18 years) are requested to confirm the age in the consent form
  3. The time duration for Classical/Semi classical dance and Folk dances is 7 minutes.
  4. Maximum of 1 performance per participant
  5. Maximum 1 dance per choreographer.
  6. Costumes must be traditional and should conform to the selected dance styles. Costumes must have modest neckline and lengths.
  7. Teachers/Choreographers - please submit your registration by February 28, 2019. We have only a limited number of slots available per dance form, so we request you to register as soon as possible.
  8. Selection is based on the uniqueness of the dance form and how well it reflects the theme - SANSKRITI. A confirmation email will be sent out to the confirmed teams by March 1st week.
  9. Once your team is confirmed, every participant / parent of participant, under 18 years of age, is required to sign a participant consent form.
  10. Please note that there will be a participant fee of $12 for the non-members which has to be made online, prior to the event.
  11. Audio submissions in Mp3 format should be emailed by April 15th, 2019 and should be within the time limit (7 minutes). Please also check the quality of the audio file before sending it.
  12. Please be advised that non-adherence to the guidelines may invalidate the registration, based on KAOC 2019 committee decisions.